Queen Hi Lo fully loaded adjustable bed base  -Twin Long and Split King sizes
  • Queen Hi Lo fully loaded adjustable bed base -Twin Long and Split King sizes

    This Hi Lo Bed is hands down the best in the marketplace!

    This listing is for bases only - We do have mattresses - Contact us for mattress types and prices - which are very reasonable.

    Hi Lo adjustable bed ->  SEE VIDEO ABOVE


    3 sizes are available -> Twin Long, Queen and Split King 
    2 colors to choose from ->  White or Slate


    * High Low - The bed adjusts in height from 10” minimum to 16” (without legs, no mattress).


    * Anti-Snore - Bed raises once approximately 12 degrees in response to snoring. This may reduce snoring in otherwise healthy individuals who snore due to body positioning.


    * Massage (Relax) - Two zones with three levels of intensity.


    * Easily raise and lower the mattress with voice commands or the remote to make getting in and out of bed safer.


    * Motion-activated lights automatically turn on to illuminate the area around the bed when you get up in the night.


    * While built-in sensors passively capture heart rate, respiration, snoring and other important wellness indicators, the Dawn House App is where that information can be accessed and shared with family members or healthcare professionals.


    * Voice Control – Control the bed without a remote through voice commands while also using an included puck to wirelessly charge your smart devices.


    * The wireless remote has an ergonomic design with high-contrast, soft-touch buttons that are backlit and easy to use – even in the dark.


    * 4 Easy Access USB Ports.


    * Recessed 3-in-1 Legs Allow for Heights of 8”, 11.5” and 15”.


    The Beds application will help you check your sleeping time, heart rate, respiratory rate, snoring, and several other things. In fact, you can share the health report with your family and health professionals.